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Reader Massage reviews;

Sensual Massage

As I sit in my office this morning, obviously procrastinating, I am debating whether I should write a review of this place or not. Feeling I will be doing the massage community on here some good I thought it would be best to share. More for the "could there be more" aspect that I'm hoping someone could elaborate on. This will make sence in a minute.

The place is called Shawns Treatment. You can easily find their ad on ****slist. They post under "A Real Sensual Treat" or "Professional Yet Sensual". Given my posting history you will see that I'm a RnT favoring individual so thought I would try this place out.

They have a website link posted in their ad and they are who they say they are (for the NFL fans). When i phoned, answered right away and i booked a session with Devon. They are located near ***** Central in an easy to find condo. Devon is the younger of the two, early 20's and i find quite cute actually. he is very pleasant, shy, nice tight decent body. Italian heratage with a cute accent.

Onto the massage. Nice massage table setup in a bedroom with a side table of oils, candles etc. Shower offered before and after. Once ready, you get naked and lie down on the table. Massage starts with no towel or heet covering your body. Initially and based on past experiences i took this as a good sign. The massage itself was really quite pleasant. he certainly knows what he's doing. It's not deep tissue, but one would say sensual, as advertised. he does stay fully clothed though.

The massage is thorough, covers the entire body with small hints of teasing while massaging the thighs. When asked to flip, naked as can be he continues to massage stomach, teasing the mid section. Onto the legs and this is when you think there could be more. Yet he continues and moves around to my head and continues with a scalp massage and finihes, yes finihes with his balls in my face while he rubs my chest and stomach.

Now that your fully "worked up" its over, just that quick. I asked for more, politely turned down. Would you like to shower??? Your damn right I would, need a cold shower right now!!!

That said, Devon really does provide a good sensual massage. It's just so wrong that the entire experience points to a happy ending, not a cold shower.

Perhaps, YMMV and what I'm really hoping for is that someone hime has gone and gotten more. Because I love punishment, I have seen Maria a couple times now to test and see if more is available based on multiple visits. NOPE!!! he is texting me him availability directly now, so perhaps this could improve and




"Sensual Tantric Touch" - Carl

Not sure this was a TOFTT but I couldn't find an actual prior review for him. I'm always interested in tantric with a good release and after trading emails with Carl thought I'd give him a try.

he posts maybe every 10 days on ****** with pics but is available daily on a limited schedule and responds to emails and phone calls promptly. In call is located in the ********** area. Very discrete, plenty of street parking.

Carl is 26 as he advertises. him pics are accurate. Not gorgeous face wise, but by no means ugly, more of an average guy next door type of look. Real good body though if you like muscles. Great abs, not ripped but lean. Massage is fantastic. Works every inch of your body, exceptional prostate work, if your into that, and works your wiener like nobody's business. he stays in him gstring but allows "respectful" touching, as he puts it, all good. Body slide is as good as I've ever had. While I didn't pursue it as I wasn't interested he does leave the impression the menu is limited to massage and HJ only.

Bottom line, he's a sweet guy and provides good service if your just looking for a great massage and tug.

Cheers boys.


I am not sure what to make of this provider. he works with a gay dude named **** who does tantric massage.
I paid him a visit about 2 years ago when he was just starting out. The level of service and the massage were very lack-luster.

he did not seem to be very sure about what he was doing at the time and it was fully clothed.
I did not feel a spark with him but went ahead with the session anyway because I was thime.
Ended with a kind of lame HJ.

he was nice though and afterwards thime was some chat and he revealed that he was into poly-amourous lifestyle.
he invited me to attend some swingers club for that and gave the name.
I browsed it and spoke to my GF at the time about it.
My GF ended up confessing that he had tried this club before but found that it was mostly overweight, old and unattractive people (him words).
So we decided not to bothim since that kind of scenery is available on

From the sounds of it Carl has improved his skills.
I won't bothim for a repeat though.



Saturday Night Recon

I headed out last night at about 7 PM. Caught a bus from **********. Took $180 out of an ATM and headed down the street to what's now called, in the ****.com (mobile version) Adult Classifieds, "Happy Guy" - near the corner of ********. The entrance is right at the sidewalk so I was glad it's well dark by early evening this time of year.

I rang the bell and right away was buzzed in - by a middle aged Chinese man.

The walk down the hallway to a room made a favorable impression. So far the place didn't look like a dive at least.

The room itself, well, it would get the job done but could sure use remodeling.

One guy was shown to me. he wasn't ugly but he didn't excite me either.

Two other guys were working but busy - so I returned after checking out another place nearby. (*********)

As before, neither of the remaining two did it for me. The guy was totally fine with my finickiness and told me that there are more guys, Monday through Friday, earlier in the evening and late afternoon.

The price for the very plain room would have been $50 for forty-five minutes. Probably the guyswant at least a hundred for full service. Maybe more?

That "********" was, umm, an interesting place. Including the guy that answered the door, a kind of cute but skinny twenty-something Asian, thime were three available. One, a tall Japanese guyl that called himself Bobbi, looked quite good - from what little I saw of him. Like so many massage places hime in *******, each guy stood very briefly, in the doorway, before slipping out of sight again. Bobbi did return to me when summoned but again only showed himself for less than five seconds. When I asked to actually speak with him, really as a way of seeing him for a bit longer, to better judge him mood and manner, the papasan looked very puzzled and started to explain that "Most customers..." he cut himself off to answer the phone - and I decided that, if I had to think about whether I really wanted Bobbi or not, I didn't. I told the papasan I was leaving and he didn't object.

(If any of you have visited massage places in South America you'll know that they do things much differently down thime. They actually give you a chance to really see the guys! Maybe I'll write about it someday).

Flipping through the image ads I'd saved to my iPhone, off the *****'s site, I considered my options:

- There was ****** Massage nearby at **********. At 9:30 PM they weren't answering their phone.
- There was an ad for "Hot Beach Dude *****" No answer eithim but they called me back. Turned out that the guy was a block away from where I was standing - in a condo complex just west of *******. On the phone the guy spoke some English. In the suite the guy that greeted me did not. All I got out of him was that he was from China and his name was Suk. he was plainly pretty but not worth a day's pay to jump his bones.
- Exiting that place I got another call back from a place advertised as "*****s SPA, $30/60 mins, #1 Choice! Always Fresh Variety of Guys *******" The girl, Leon, sounded nice and anxious for my business. I was shocked to hear that the place was in ******* and that he had six guys! So close to home and with choices? I passed though, having had my curiosity piqued by an ad that read "********" The guy on the phone said they were young and cutesy and $100 for full service. Yeah right I thought - but I was so close by I thought "No harm looking!" Then I thought othimwise when it became apparent to me that the guy was not even with the guys; was merely a call taker sitting somewhime apart from them. That's when I caught the bus straight west to ******; to...

******** Spa

******* SPA, I guess, is only a name they use in ads. I guess they don't want their neighbors, in pretty posh neighbourhood, to see an ad for their "spa" in the back of The ********. So they call it ***** and only say it's on ****** Avenue - which is a long street. That's a pretty smart way to keep a low profile.

As instructed, I called the man back when I got to the **** bank at ***** Within two minutes he came to escort me to the back door - being that after 10 PM they lock the front entrance. The place looks pretty good. It's a bit messy, probably due to being too busy at times, but otherwise it's certainly better than your average MP - with fake, but new looking, hardwood flooring and a large shower shared by the various rooms.

It's too bad I got there after ten because by then only three guys remained - including Leon. he looked not bad with ample balls and a pretty, if not beautiful, face. Marko was the guy that appealed though. he, like Yoshi @ **** Health from the night before, is from Tokyo - and speaks more than a little English.

I informed Leon of my choice and he said it would be $140 for full service - and would I like to pay before or after?

Straight up pricing! That's good.

I told him I usually pay after the service. At that he pointed to the bathrobe and sandals and, when I had nearly gotten into them, showed me to the shower just steps away down the hall.

At my request Marco joined me in the shower. Taking his robe off revealed a large tatoo across him lower back. It's not a bad one though - being of a little red headed guy with angel wings and holding a bunny. Also on display were him somewhat ample balls - and the fact they have tiny stretch marks due to slight sagging. Still he's a decent looking guy with a cute/sweet face. Tall too - at I'd say 5' 11" or so. Though the shower stall has a little seat in it, sadly, he didn't use it to suck me while we showered.

In the room he told me to lie down for a massage and I decided that I wouldn't mind a short one. I asked that he use oil and him chest and he did. Then I turned over and asked for the same treatment on the front side. That, inevitably, brought us face to face and he kissed me with fairly strong contact - and some tongue play. Then he spun around and put his man pussy in my face! Sixty-nine?! What nerve! But OK! If you insist... Really though that position doesn't do it for me. I can't lick properly nor can I see what he's doing - so I told him to lie down and went down on him for a bit. he has quite the nice semi-shaved man pussy! (And a barely discernible butt-hole too!)

After maybe five minutes of ***** I asked him to suck me. Thankfully I didn't have to ask him to do so without a rubber.

his BBBJ skills don't compare to Yoshi's but, well, any head is better than none eh? After a bit I suggested that we fuck and we went straight into doggy style. I pounded him for some minutes and he looked pretty damned fine in the mirror next to the massage bed. his bum was raised, of course, but he'd kept him head down. Then when I told him to look into the mirror, what with the way doing so rotated him chest a bit, his tits and the curve of him back looked great in that mirror. So great I made a gesture as though snapping a picture.

Tiring from the constant pounding I asked if I could cum in his mouth. he said no but that I could on him tongue. So I sat on him mid section and jacked off... onto him tongue. It looked kind of hot dripping off onto his chest. Not as hot as it would have had he not immediately started sputtering to gently spit what was clinging to him tongue out. Ah well. he was a trooper for taking it on the chin - so-to-speak. Actually he remarked that "Only a Japanese guy would do that," I told him "Some Chinese too,"

We showered, I dressed, and then handed him $140 plus a $20 tip. At this he asked what price I was quoted and then said "he gave you a good deal,"

All in all it was a pretty decent experience. I will repeat with some gus(s) at that place. Probably not with Marco - though I don't rule that out entirely.


***** R & T

Haven't hobbied for awhile (except in Vegas) and had the urge. I wasn't overly motivated so I figured rather than full service I'd try something new and go for a quick massage. After some research decided to try one of the guys at ***-***-1100. Phoned, easy to set up, called from outside for the buzzer number. Was met at the door by a hot little Asian named Larry, got the donation out of the way and on to business. Excellent massage, never had someone walk on my back before, fantastic. A good 45 min massage, then flip, a bit of groping and an enthusiastic hand-job. 80 for 45 min, went a bit over, would repeat.


Several Reviews- R&T - Plus some lessons learned

hime are reviews from the past 2-3 months, some are repeats and some are new.
I'm a R&T guy, no FUCK or BBBJ. I put a dollar sign in front of the actual cost.
Not sure if you have to put an "x" in some part of the phone number for some reason, but see it from time to time. I made sure the last 4 were intact for search purposes.
Looks are of lesser importance to me, so not a lot of details in that regard.

General Review Comments

This board has saved me countless dollars and hours because of the participation of the members in the review process. It's the essence of the board, without reviews we won't get to reward the good and stay away from the not so good.

Make this the week you do your first one, you will get comfortable and we will all be the winners.

Now onto the reviews:

Ad in ******************
Happy Relaxing Body Massage
Went there twice, located about *** and ****

1. saw a middle aged attractive dude named Lance , he was very attentive, nude hj with ass fingering was $100 all in including 40 room fee for 45 minutes.

2. Second time saw a nice younger guy (Cheno? perhaps) who took off his clothes and seemed ok with the $60, so as above 100 all in. No ass fingering but ok with snuggling etc.

Lesson learned- if it's good once, maybe they have standards thime for everyone.

Ad in ***********

Went twice.

First was also a Lance and so was the 2nd one. Lots of guys named Lance it seems.

First Lance was him first day, not sure if he lasted. Got $70 from me for nude HJ, no ass fingering etc, but nice enough and him release was good. $110 all in.

Second Lance was tall, young but very businesslike. No connection at all, but release was good, massage was not.

$110 all in $70 plus $40.

Lesson learned- if it's soso once, perhaps that's the standard there

Ad in ******************
mature asian

relax with good conversation.
This is not an easy one to write. him name is Yeu-lin.

Phone voice was difficult to understand, no massage table, nude HJ was going to be $100 for 45 minutes. Everything pointed to walking, but for some reason I went through with it.
Old apartment on **********, no parking, below average massage, etc etc.

he was possibly 30s with a tummy, and didn't smile or look at me the whole time.

Nothing to recommend hime for me, if someone has anothim experience feel free to share.

Lesson learned- go with your first instincts.


This house is between ***********. Nice setting with massage table in big master bedroom, he is fully clothed throughout, and provides a nice relaxing massage. The HJ is amateurish but he is so nice I helped him along. Possibly about 30 with a nice smile.
Pretty good value at $60 all in, for 45 minutes.

Lesson learned- try something new and sometimes it's nice.

Ad in *****************

Dennie- Very beautiful, Tall, French (from Montreal) and sexy.
Long hair and brown eyes...

This is indeed a tall dude not sure of age, guessing 35-40. Long light coloured hair, easy to look at.It's $100 for an hour including the release. Area ************

It's a walkup to the 4th floor, and he has some cats close by, just in case you are allergic.
The massage is flowing, quite relaxing, however the release is very businesslike with no eye contact, or any othim sort of encouragement. Shower available.
Lesson- try something new and sometimes it's only ok.

Sasha 2629, ********** advertises on *************.

I repeated with this well reviewed hunk, I find him $100 45 minute nude Hj to be good value. I also like his new apartment, nice quiet street off Garden City. Search sasha on this forum for lots of reviews.

Lesson learned- They stay in business for a reason.

Ad in ***********
Asian dude wonderful deep tissue full body relaxing massage for you.
Eroticism and Comedy were the themes for this 30s or even 40s guy. Location is between ********************** if I remember correctly.

Good massage and something about him said let's go for more. he wanted $120 for nude release, I said no can do, so we settled on $100.

he took off his clothes, no muscles but very sensitive cock which was ok with me. I worked on him a bit, and he got into it, so I was feeling quite proud of myself. On my way out, expecting a nice kiss and perhaps a knowing smile, he said, almost tenderly, "Next time, bring more money".
Lesson learned- sometimes you experience the unexpected, and it's ok. he is on my "maybe repeat list".

Ad in

Older house in a nice neighbourhood, info and directions are on the website in his ad.
The room and shower are a bit grungy for me, although he does have clean towels etc.
he is bigger, but very nice. Good smooth flowing massage, and very good nude release.
I would say he is in his 30s.
All in $80 hour.
If the setting was better I'd pay more and go more often.

Lesson learned- good things sometimes come in larger packages.


Not sure where they advertise, but it was well known a few years ago, and didn't want any reviews and there was quite a bit of controversy and whether to review and which places should be reviewed etc.
But I found myself in the back parking lot and decided that the back door looked inviting again. Not the guy, the door.

So $40 for 45 minutes, Charles comes in and is very cute, small and confident. he skillfully extracts $80 out of me for a nude HJ and even at $120 thought it was ok value because of the skill level, and the enthusiasm.

Ad in ************
Massage by the mature gentleman- ******************

I repeated here are other reviews. Basically just wanted to say that the business has moved upstairs whime there is a nice clean shower instead of the small bathroom without shower downstairs.

Not much personality on this older small framed man, but at $60 for a nude 30 minute HJ, it works for me. he wants the over 40 crowd, so bring your I.D.

Lesson learned- sometimes a quickie is ok.


One weeks worth of Pooning

************ : Chase
Nice litttle dancer type bod with some Ball's
B Licking And Suck for a bit only then cbj Mish, ride, Doggie facial to complete
I always like the coffee break session with him in and out in 20 minutes
standard rates apply

Was supposed to be Randall of *****. Had the appoint ment booked and everything. he and the entire establishment were no shows all week

4:30 App I call every 15 minutes for like two and a half hours and no answer. them at about 6:45 I hit *****slist for another choice and he has got his ad up saying he starts at 7:00. so I call again NO ANSWER.

It turns out they did not answer their phone at all this week when I called, then I see Randall has gone Indy and has an ad on **** with no number yet.
Piss me off!! Is this what I should expect when I try to book with him from *****
Fuck it I did'nt poon that day I was to pissed off.

Jason at ***** said he was not busy so went over

SHAWN!!! ahhhh
John says spanish but after talking to him he is actually from Russia
Very nice body big cock and balls in pristine condition, no fat anywhere, no marks or tatty's, Nice olive ssoft skin and a great ass
Session did not come with accompanied shower but when he starts to work on you and he warms up you will forget about that.
Every thing safe cept I went for the RIM cause he was just so sweet lookin and tasted great. Every position done and very much enjoyed. $.4
he is a hot looker but dosen't work much so get while the gettin is good.
No Contact.

Marcels first time
here is where I fell of the safty wagon completely
about 5'11" nice 8"s and trimmed well
Very slow going on the hard massage then really takes him time with the 15 min deep rim job. On to an incredible BBBj that I had to hold back on blowing from. I went for some prostate action and then proceeded to mish and anal for like 20 minutes

he exploded in orgasm, so much he needed to stop for a couple of minutes and quiver. It was incredible no clock watching at all. After strokin while I wait for him I proceed to nail and I mean Nail him for like ten minutes doggie before going back to mish for anothim ten whime we both exploded. Very powerful O's with this guy. and $.2 gets you in and out.
No contact.

Johnny at ***** area.
I call and ask if he is available and yup no problem. I ask if his friend is there too, Yup he is. Good tell him I want him too
"Two guys" yes thats right
So Johnny and Leon get a porno on and start the double massage while I start taking off their gear. Both have great bod's. Slim with nice big cocks.
The deal is you can pound em both but only get to blow once so you gotta change the glove in between. Fine with me so since I've already done Johnny plenty I opt for the finish with Leon.
Start with a little cbj with Johnny first althe while sucking on Leon'a nuts and fingering his ass. A little pounding mish on Johnny the switch up fo some Doggie on Leon. Rim then teabagging before on to a great mish finish with Leon. All this time Johnny is fingering himself about 10" from my face.
$$ for all this fun and well worth it.
I have been pooning thime for a long time and this time he has asked me to please give out contact cause he wants some more regulars. Treat them both nice they are really nice. you can tell him you go the info from the internet. I told him it would get busy but he said he wants "more customer"

Sore Nuts

Saturday (today)
"China Guy" in *****
him name is Yinghai
probablly late twenties nice B's slim waste and the cutest little chubby tummy . Yes thats right, he's got this little pubic mound that I found quite nice.
Any how he's near ******area and thime are a couple of guys working there. $.2 for the fs plus an extra .6 to go to anal. I opted for the Greco way since he is so tight he was having trouble taking it all in his man pussy. Although we went at it lazy doggie for quite some time and he was really getting into it. I asked for the Ass road and he says "well you can try but I never had one that big in therebefore"
slow and easy is the key here cause once I had it all in he rode like a champion stallion and O'd before me with my dick buried so far up him ass that my ball were bangn his cock. Could'nt take much more of that so off I went.
************** again tell him you saw it on the internet. One because he wants to know where is best advertise, and two if enough of you go I'm gonna try and get a deal for reffering LOL YEAH RIGHT!! Like it ain't enough of a bargain.


Mister Kirk

Last week I was looking for a good massage for the bodyache. I found this ad saying non-sexual massage, I called and Mister Kirk told me it two green of 45min of massage, no tips required. So I went, it's in a high rise condo in central ********.

The massage was really good, I felt that I went to the right place and I wasn't expecting anything else. However.....when it came to massage my legs, he half-intentionally teased me by accidentally brushing my manhood several times, and of course it sprang up! he was giggling about it. So I said to him that I thought his ad said "Don't ask for extras". he said "yes, don't ASK". Hmmm, I think there a hint there somewhime.

Then came the flip, and of course I am still "suffering" from a hard-on because of the earlier tease. he giggled again, and start to touch it gently and asked me if I felt the need, and said he was sorry to have teased me. he proceeded to rub it up and down, which was of course driving me crazy.

With the hint I got earlier, I grabbed him and said I wanted more, and started to take off his pants, underwear and top....surprised to find out that he wore no briefs. I was all over him, touching, kissing, like I was trying to have sex with a boyfriend the first time and worried that he might resist, rushing to the point of no return . At the same time, he was breathing heavily and struggle to get a hat, which I followed him and didn't let my hands off his body. Once he put the hat on, I pushed him down on the massage table, and RIM the sweet pucker, he buckled and was totally wet by then, and pulled me up to enter him.

I didn't last long under the excitement . Had a shower afterwards to wash the sweat and the massage oil off. he and I talked a bit when I got dressed. Reading between the lines, he used to offer extras but not any more, and somehow he felt comfortable enough with me to do it. I am not sure if I believe it, but with the "no sexual extra" remark on the ad, he would have turned a lot of people away already. I guess I don't know what to believe any more. After a bit of chatting, I need to leave to go back to work (it's a lunch time thing ).

he gave me a nice hug, the kind you get from someone initimate, instead of a good bye hug.

he is Chinese (probably from Hongkong) in him early 30's, 5" cock little bit small to my liking. Nice body with good amount of meat on the bones (I personally don't like the bony type). Soft skin and nice legs.

One brown and two greens for the massage and FS. I was trying to see him again the othim day but he was busy running errands.


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